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When a person or a business has an unresolved tax debt, the IRS will not hesitate to take action. Many are surprised how quickly a tax controversy can escalate into IRS collections that include potential wage garnishment, bank levy, or asset levy.

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At Wiggam Law, our team of experienced tax attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and receiving tax relief as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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If you are dealing with IRS or state debt collections and are at risk of wage garnishment, bank levy, or asset seizure, it is best to act quickly and hire an experienced tax attorney as soon as possible.

Our team will develop a proactive solution, with the goal of stopping the wage garnishment or levy or having it released as soon as possible. We are dedicated to protecting your interests and want to help keep your money where it belongs – with you.

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IRS Collections Success Story

“…we felt a sense of relief that we were getting the expert help we urgently needed.”

“We met Jason in December 2013, upon referral of Ronald Blase’, a professor at the Georgia State Tax Clinic who felt we needed an outstanding tax attorney to handle our highly complicated tax issue. We were on the brink of having our house seized and wages garnished due to a very sizable tax liability. We were in a desperate situation.

From the first time we met and discussed our case with Jason, we felt a sense of relief that we were getting the expert help we urgently needed. He presented our available options in handling the liability, including bankruptcy, and explained the details and time frame involved for each option. In hearing Jason’s knowledge and expertise of tax law and regulations, we came to realize that everything was going to be okay. I must mention that due to our dire financial situation, Jason was also willing to work with us on paying his fee.

It has been a long road; bankruptcy and foreclosure of our first home are hard pills to swallow. But Jason has been there for us every step of the way. In fact, not only is he an expert tax attorney, he is a very caring person. We have always felt that Jason really cares about our situation and more importantly, cares about us. He has done whatever he can to assist; he is diligent with returning our emails and telephone calls and tirelessly works for us. In fact, through Jason’s efforts, we had the more than $800,000 federal tax liability discharged in November 2016 through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Just recently, in February 2018, Jason quickly had an IRS wage garnishment canceled. Further, Jason is continuing to work tirelessly for us in handling our current state tax liability ($90,000+) through an “offer in compromise”. We are confident in knowing that it will be resolved in our favor. What an absolute blessing Jason has been to us. We truly thank God for him.”

-S & W Johnston