Civil Penalties

The IRS uses penalties and interest charges to encourage taxpayers to comply with tax laws.

Many taxpayers don’t know how to or have the knowledge to ask for penalty relief. Our professional tax attorneys are here to represent you in your fight to get relief from unnecessary penalties.

Are You Facing an IRS Civil Penalty?

There’s nothing more frustrating than the penalties and interest charges that the IRS assesses if you are late to file or late to pay.

The high percentages of penalties add up quickly, and eventually seem impossible to overcome. They create daily stressors that impact your personal and professional life.

The tax attorneys at Wiggam Law are here to help you get penalty relief.

Here’s what you need to know about civil penalties.

Wiggam Law in Atlanta, Georgia - Are You Facing an IRS Civil Penalty?

How to Remove a Civil Penalty

While it seems like the IRS has a penalty attached to another penalty for every situation, they also offer a few different options for penalty relief that we can help guide you through.

Can IRS Civil Penalties be Waived?

Taxpayers who are assessed Failure To File and/or Failure To Pay penalties can request penalty abatement. The two most common options for abatement are:

  1. First Time Penalty Abatement (FTA)
  2. Reasonable Cause Penalty Relief

Other penalties, such as accuracy and fraud, require audits and other IRS procedures to determine abatement.

Help with Back Taxes

Penalties and interest sometimes add up to such exorbitant amounts that they are impossible for the common taxpayer to pay off. However, our experienced tax attorneys can negotiate for complete penalty abatement or at least reduce the amount owed.

Wiggam Law - Help with Back Taxes, Atlanta, Georgia

Negotiate with the IRS to Remove Penalties and Interest

There are many different strategies that our tax attorneys use to negotiate with the IRS and we are ready and willing to represent you in your unique situation. From penalty abatement and reduced penalties to removing liens and creating a payment plan, we can save you money, stress and time.

Success Stories

$29,570 Saved

The taxpayers owed for tax years 2014-2016 and the IRS had filed Federal Tax Liens against their real estate. We assisted the taxpayers with removing the liens from their property so it could sell. Additionally, we negotiated a penalty abatement with the IRS, which resulted in the taxpayers receiving a refund over $29,570 after the closing.

$359,078 Saved

Our client was suffering after their former employee embezzled the company’s payroll funds. Between the IRS and Georgia, our client owed a substantial amount. Our Penalty Abatement Requests saved our client $359,078 across their combined federal and state liabilities.

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Get started today! Our tax attorneys are here to help you get ahead of the game before you’re buried in penalties and interest. If you’ve already been charged with civil penalties, Wiggam Law tax attorneys can negotiate and represent you in your unique financial situation.