Success Stories

At Wiggam Law Our Atlanta Tax Lawyers Are Focused On Helping Our Clients Solve Their Financial Problems

We work with Georgians from all walks of life as well as companies in and out of state that do business in Georgia. No two situations are the same, so each client gets our individual care, whether they need help working with the IRS or a state taxing authority. We review each client’s case carefully as we decide whether a settlement or litigation will result in the best possible outcome. Our clients trust us because they’ve seen time and time again success stories like the ones you’ll find below. Contact us to schedule your consultation; let’s discuss how we can help you achieve similar results with your tax situation.

Settlement Results

Even With Federal Income Tax Debt, There’s Hope

Our client, an esteemed attorney in the Atlanta area, owed $265,000 in federal income tax liability. We successfully filed an Offer in Compromise with the IRS to reduce their bill to just under $31,000.

Treating Our Daycare Client With Love and Care

A daycare center hired us to assist with their federal income tax liabilities and trust fund recovery penalties. They owed almost $300,000. The IRS accepted our Offer in Compromise to dramatically reduce our client’s tax liability to just over $33,000.

Getting Creative as We Negotiate for Our Clients

A well-respected artist with an S Corporation owed almost $600,000 to the IRS for his federal taxes. With our Offer in Compromise, we succeeded in reducing our client’s debt to $120,000, saving him nearly $480,000.

Winning Big for Our Client With a 96% IRS Reduction

An Atlanta real estate professional owed $142,000 in federal income tax liability. When they hired us to help, we filed an Offer in Compromise and won big for our client—a 96% reduction. This settlement brought the tax liability down to only $5,000.

Litigation Results

Fighting Back on an Innocent Spouse Relief Case

Our client was going through a highly contested Innocent Spouse Relief case, which the IRS had already denied before we were hired. We fought back against the IRS and successfully appealed our client’s request. In the end, our client’s income tax liability decreased by $800,000 – from more than $1 million down to $200,000.

Out-of-State Clients Benefiting From Our Expertise in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Revenue assessed a $66,000 Sales & Use Tax liability against our client, an out-of-state corporation doing business in Georgia. When we were hired, we had only three days to settle the case and avoid litigation. We succeeded in completely removing our client’s $66,000 tax liability before the deadline – plus we were able to refund their retainer.

More Than $6.5 Million Saved for Our Client

Before hiring Wiggam Law, our client had been battling for two years over a U.S. Tax Court matter. The IRS was ready to close the issue, but we settled the case with a huge benefit to our client. Rather than the original $7 million income tax liability, we decreased our client’s liability to $300,000.

Appealing a C Corporation’s Federal Income Tax Return

A large C Corporation that does business in Atlanta hired us to help them. The IRS was proposing to assess them almost $100,000 because of a deficiency with their corporate income tax return. After filing a U.S. Tax Court petition, we were able to eliminate the proposed assessment and refund our client’s retainer.