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You Don’t Have to Face the IRS Alone

If you’ve received an IRS audit letter, the experienced tax attorneys at Wiggam Law are here to help ensure that you respond correctly and provide you with tax audit representation. You don’t have to face the IRS alone.

When You Get the Dreaded IRS Audit Letter

The IRS conducts thousands of organization and individual tax audits every year in an effort to ensure financial information is accurate according to tax laws. The IRS reviews and examines documentation, reports, accounts and financial information to confirm the tax report is correct.

The IRS is required to contact you via mail to inform you of a tax audit. The Notice of Audit and Examination Scheduled explains that your return has been chosen for a tax audit. The audit letter will describe the type of examination, as well as necessary documentation and deadlines.

There are three types of audits:

  1. Correspondence Audit – The entire audit is conducted through mail and phone conversations.
  2. Office Audit – The audit takes place at a local IRS office.
  3. Field Audit – The IRS examiner visits your home or place of business.

The type of audit will determine the depth of the audit, as well as how long it will take.

Our professional tax attorneys at Wiggam Law can help you fill out the correct forms, organize documentation, and defend your tax return and deductions.

What Are the Chances of Getting Audited?

With all the horror stories circulating, it’s certainly scary to think about getting audited by the IRS. However, it’s highly unlikely that you will be audited in your lifetime.

While the IRS audits hundreds of thousands of taxpayers every year, the number of audits only adds up to less than 1% of US taxpayers.

Who Gets Audited the Most?

The IRS most often audits the taxpayers who find themselves on opposite sides of the spectrum. Taxpayers who earn less than $25,000 and high income taxpayers who earn an Adjusted Gross Income of $10 million dollars or more are most likely to get audited.

IRS Tax Audit Defense

When you find yourself in a tax audit with the IRS, the tax attorneys with Wiggam Law can provide you with tax audit defense.

We provide this service to help you understand your situation and develop a strategy to defend your return. Our professional tax attorneys will address communication with the IRS and assist you during all audit appointments.

In an effort to save you time and money, Wiggam Law provides experienced and knowledgeable tax audit defense.

What Is Tax Audit Representation?

Tax audit representation, otherwise known as tax audit defense, occurs when legal professionals act on the behalf of the taxpayer during an IRS audit.

Instead of facing the IRS on your own, the professional tax attorneys at Wiggam Law assist you during the entire process to defend your tax return.

Wiggam Law Tax Audit Representation Services

Wiggam Law tax attorneys provide an unmatched level of tax audit representation. We listen to our clients, and pay special attention to each unique situation.

Responding to an IRS audit notice in a timely manner with the correct information is the first step toward a quick and favorable resolution. If you’ve received an IRS audit letter, the experienced attorneys at Wiggam & Geer can help you write an appropriate response and prepare you to face the IRS.

Tax Audit Defense Success Stories

$542,852 Saved

The taxpayer did not file income tax returns, or C corp. tax returns for her business, from 2006 to 2012. The IRS audited her and the business and assessed total taxes of $609,175 and a fraud penalty of $56,783. We contested these audit assessments in Tax Court and successfully removed the fraud penalty in its entirety and reduced the tax balance to $123,106 for a total savings of $542,852. We then filed an offer in compromise on behalf of the taxpayer and settled the remaining $123,106 tax liability for $33,410.

$99,802 Saved

Our client had a complicated travel and mileage audit with the United States Tax Court. Unfortunately, he had minimal records and no official travel log. We diligently worked with our client to obtain as many additional records and circumstantial evidence as possible and negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service Counsel, successfully settling the case for $12,748 from $112,550.

80% Saved

We filed a U.S. Tax Court Petition for our client that had an alleged federal corporate income tax liability. The liability stemmed from the IRS auditor who disallowed many of our client’s business expenses. In the end, we achieved an 80% reduction of our client’s liability when the IRS settled, reinstating the majority of the business expenses and abating all penalties.

$123,000 Saved

Our clients, husband and wife, received a Notice of Deficiency from the IRS for tax year 2016. The IRS was proposing to assess tax, penalties, and interest totaling $146,759 following an audit related to unreported stock sales. The taxpayers did not have all of the records to substantiate their costs; however, we were able to successfully settle in the United States Tax Court with the IRS for $23,104, saving the taxpayers over $123,000.

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