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International Taxes Can Be Complex But They Don’t Have to Be

If you are facing complex international tax issues, the tax lawyers at Wiggam Law have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your unique situation.

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International Tax Compliance

If you are an American citizen who lives outside of the United States, you could be surprised and caught off guard to learn that you’re still responsible for paying taxes. The IRS is able to track U.S. citizens’ income earned in a foreign country, as well as assets held overseas or in foreign bank accounts.

Reporting Foreign Income and Assets

By federal law, U.S. citizens have the responsibility to report any and all foreign income and some assets to the IRS. In addition to filing all applicable forms, you may be required to file:

International Tax Services

Wiggam Law tax lawyers have the expertise to guide you through a diverse range of international tax law matters. We understand the complex issues that arise when transacting business overseas. Our team of knowledgeable tax lawyers are able to deconstruct your unique international tax situations. Then, interpret and communicate next steps, priorities and required actions based on U.S. tax laws and regulations.

International Tax Disputes

International tax disputes may result when two or more jurisdictions pursue the same tax transactions or activities, resulting in double taxation. Tax treaties are able to resolve most cases, however some double taxation cases remain in which the two jurisdictions disagree on the interpretation of the treaty.

Wiggam Law tax lawyers are experienced in all international tax disputes, including:

  • Tax Litigation
  • Criminal Tax Matters
  • Tax Investigations
  • Tax Arbitrations
  • Tax Mediations

International Tax Resolution Success Story

“I consulted Wiggam LawWiggam & Geer about an issue with my international employer and Georgia income tax liability. They gave me some excellent and nuanced advice, based on some research they undertook, for a very reasonable fee. I will certainly use their services again if an issue like this comes up again.”

-Wayne Stargardt

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