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Whether you are working to resolve tax debt or need help filing a protest, the experienced tax attorneys at Wiggam Law are here to help you.

Our tax attorneys seek the best outcomes for individuals and businesses dealing with the IRS and state tax authorities. Our tax services are focused on providing you, our client, tax resolution and assistance across a wide range of issues.

Tax Services from Wiggam Law Tax Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia

We Solve Your Tax Problems

Tax problems are more common than you think. Currently, about 26 million taxpayers are facing a federal or state tax issue. These taxpayers are not criminals. They are regular people with good intentions and their tax issue is due to something beyond their control.

If you are facing financial issues, an illness in your family, divorce, loss of employment, or a down year for your business, you aren’t alone. Wiggam Law is here to help.

We are dedicated to successfully resolving your tax issue and putting your mind at ease. Although we cannot guarantee a specific result in any case, we have been able to save our clients significant amounts of money. We have achieved savings of over $5 million for our clients.

Stop IRS and State Collection Actions

When a person or a business has an unresolved tax debt, the IRS will not hesitate to take action. Many are surprised how quickly a tax controversy can escalate into a potential wage garnishment, bank levy, or asset levy.

At Wiggam Law, our team of experienced tax attorneys are dedicated to protecting your interests and achieving tax relief as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Wiggam Law tax attorneys effectively combat clients’ tax lien issues, including federal tax lien discharges and federal tax lien withdrawals.

See how we can help stop IRS & state collection actions with:

Stop IRS & State Collection Actions

Negotiate With the IRS

Large sums of back taxes can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be imminent. The IRS is willing to negotiate reductions in tax debt in certain situations, as well as set up payment plans.

The tax attorneys at Wiggam Law advise and represent clients through settlement negotiations in order to achieve maximum tax relief.

The IRS can freeze funds up to the amount of unpaid taxes. Wiggam Law tax attorneys negotiate installment agreements and obtain Currently Non Collectible status so taxpayers can avoid collection freezes.

If you have recently discovered your spouse didn’t pay taxes or feel you were wrongfully charged penalties, Wiggam Law tax attorneys can help you file the appropriate forms and requests. Our tax services include filing penalty abatement requests, protests, audit reconsiderations, and requests for innocent spouse relief.

See how we can help negotiate with the IRS:

Explore Negotiating With the IRS

Tax Representation

Wiggam Law tax attorneys successfully challenge the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue tax assessments before the U.S. Tax Court and Georgia Tax Tribunal.

Our professional tax attorneys advise clients and help them navigate the court process to significantly lower or absolve a tax assessment from the IRS or Georgia DOR.

We are ready to represent clients at appeals conferences, collection due process hearings, equivalent hearings, and CAP (Collection Appeals Program) hearings.

Explore Tax Representation

Employment Taxes

Wiggam Law tax attorneys represent businesses on a variety of employment and payroll-related tax matters.

If you or your business has been charged with Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, Wiggam Law tax attorneys are ready to defend you and dispute wrongful penalties, as well as negotiate settlements and payment plans.

See how we can help with employment taxes:

Explore Employment Taxes

IRS Audit

If you have received an IRS audit letter, it’s best to act quickly and hire an experienced tax attorney. Wiggam Law’s team of tax lawyers can help you evaluate your options and represent you.

Explore IRS Audits

Unfiled Taxes

Taxpayers who have unfiled tax returns can apply for Voluntary Disclosure Requests. Wiggam Law tax attorneys have effectively minimized criminal exposure and tax liability for clients who file these requests.

Explore Unfiled Taxes

International Tax Law

The IRS has continued its crackdown on taxpayers with undisclosed foreign assets. Wiggam Law tax attorneys help taxpayers with undisclosed foreign bank accounts and assets, including late FBAR filings, streamlined offshore compliance procedures, and the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP).

Explore International Tax Law

Tax Problem Success Story

“When you have a question and need advice on tax, you don’t want to mess around. Having Jason available to answer my questions was useful, informative and enjoyable. From start to finish Jason was prompt, precise and knowledgeable in our dealings.

Jason’s firm (Wiggam Law) is located in downtown Atlanta, but when I had some tax questions and was recommended I speak to him the fact that I was not living in GA did not deter him. Whether you are in Atlanta, NYC or elsewhere in the world I highly recommend Jason and his team for all levels of support needed on US tax topics.”

-David Hewitt

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