Unfiled Taxes

Don’t ignore your tax issues. Unfiled taxes aren’t going away and IRS penalties add up quickly if not immediately addressed. Reach out to our tax attorneys for help.

What Happens if you have Unfiled Taxes?

While a majority of issues stemming from unfiled returns result in civil penalties, in some cases, taxpayers can be issued criminal tax penalties that carry hefty fines and prison time.

If your return was not filed by the due date:

  • You may receive Failure To File (FTF) penalties, unless you can prove reasonable cause
  • You may receive Failure To Pay (FTP) penalties, unless you can prove reasonable cause
  • Risk losing a refund from the current tax return or from previous years’ tax returns
  • The IRS can issue a Substitute For Return
  • Lenders won’t be able to use your tax return to verify your income, making it difficult to take out mortgages or other loans

How to Get Rid of IRS Penalties

When you have IRS penalties, it seems like they just keep growing and growing. This leaves many taxpayers feeling overwhelmed and sometimes even hopeless.

Our tax attorneys can help you get out from under your tax situation by guiding you through the options that are available to you.

Unfiled Tax Returns Help

If you have unfiled tax returns, there is help available to get you caught up and moving forward towards financial freedom. We can help you catch up on individual income tax returns, business tax returns, and informational filings such as 1094 and 1095 forms. These are just a few of the people that Wiggam Law tax attorneys have helped save money.

$290,973 Saved

Suffering from severe depression and alcoholism, our client did not file federal or Georgia income tax returns for 14 years. We submitted a Voluntary Disclosure Request, which permitted our client to file tax returns for the last three years and waived all late filing penalties. This saved our client $80,498 in Georgia. And, our Penalty Abatement Request with the IRS resulted in a savings of $210,475 in penalties.

$542,852 Saved

The taxpayer did not file income tax returns, or C corp. tax returns for her business, from 2006 to 2012.  The IRS audited her and the business and assessed total taxes of $609,175 and a fraud penalty of $56,783. We contested these audit assessments in Tax Court and successfully removed the fraud penalty in its entirety and reduced the tax balance to $123,106 for a total savings of $542,852.  We then filed an offer in compromise on behalf of the taxpayer and settled the remaining $123,106 tax liability for $33,410.

Get Unfiled Taxes Help from Our Tax Attorneys in Atlanta, GA

We know you feel as if there is no way out from under your unfiled taxes and the penalties that you owe. However, there are ways to resolve tax liability, and the tax attorneys at Wiggam Law are here to help you.