Tax Problems are Messy. Solving Them can be even Messier

All it takes is one mistake, one unexpected upset in your life, one deadline missed — and the next thing you know, penalties and interest from unaddressed tax debts are adding up, and the problem isn’t going away no matter how hard you try to ignore it. You have lost your peace of mind, and may be at risk of losing even more. You need help, and that’s why we’re here.

At Wiggam Law, we help solve your tax problems so you can move on from the mess and get on with your life.

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The History of Wiggam Law – Tax Resolution Attorneys for You

Jason Wiggam founded Wiggam Law to help individuals and businesses with the tough tax law cases no one else wants to take. Jason started out in law school fighting for low-income taxpayers who needed help but couldn’t afford it, shaping his career and his passion for tax law.

At Wiggam Law, our mission is to help you solve your tax problems and get your life back on track. We’re here for you — no judgment, no shame — and are ready to go to bat for you, no matter how impossible your tax problems might seem. You don’t have to shoulder your burdens alone. When you hire us, your problems become our problems.

Our mission is to solve tax problems and do the most good for the most people. We believe in fighting tooth and nail for the little guy. We have the experience to go up against the IRS and win on your behalf so you can sleep at night and regain your peace of mind.

Tax problems can happen to anyone. Having a tax issue, from debt to liens to audits, doesn’t make you a bad person or a criminal. You don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. You deserve help. When you need a lawyer for taxes, you can count on us.

Every tax lawyer and tax audit attorney on our team shares the Wiggam Law dedication of doing right by the people who need the most help, with zero judgment.

At Wiggam Law, We Solve Tax Problems

Our Atlanta tax attorneys are skilled at resolving tax issues with the IRS, the Georgia Department of Revenue, and other taxing authorities nationwide.

From income taxes to payroll and employment taxes to civil penalties, tax liens, levies, and more, we put a qualified tax professional in your corner so you can get over your tax problems and get on with your life. Our team helps individuals going through all sorts of issues, including:

IRS and State Collection Actions

Tax Assessments

Employment Taxes

Tax Relief

IRS Audits

Unpaid Taxes

Foreign Tax Issues and International Tax Law

Civil Penalties

The Wiggam Law Process


Review Your Case

When you come to us for a consultation, we take stock of your situation and your tax issues. We delve into your situation and determine what options are available for you.


Prepare a Strategy

We eat, sleep, and breathe taxes and dedicate ourselves to solving the tough cases other firms don’t want to take. When you’re our client, we present every option to ease your tax burdens, deliver relief, and help you choose the most likely course of action to solve your tax problems.

We’re here to answer all your questions, such as: “What is an appropriate Offer in Compromise with the IRS?” “Do I need a tax attorney for an IRS audit?” “How often does the IRS accept an Offer in Compromise?”


Negotiate For You

We negotiate with the IRS and other state taxing authorities, so you don’t have to. With tax relief programs such as Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements, having tax professionals to help you apply for these relief options drastically increases your chances of successfully relieving your tax burdens.


Deliver the Best Possible Outcome

Facing the IRS and other state taxing authorities head-on can be terrifying. That’s why we take on the government for you. We are ready to represent you at IRS audits, appeals conferences, collection due process hearings, equivalent hearings, Collection Appeals Program hearings, and more.

Our experience ensures your case has the best chance of success, and we don’t stop until we’ve done as much as possible to solve your tax problems.