Justin Chastain


Justin Chastain is a case coordinator at Wiggam Law in Atlanta, GA. He serves as a liaison between the firm, the courts, and our clients. Justin graduated from Clayton State University with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology in 2021.

Justin ultimately aspires to be a lawyer one day. Originally geared toward law enforcement, Justin found he could do more for people as part of a law firm. When not in the office, Justin enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and collecting Funko Pops. You can also find him with his fiancée watching TV with their dog, Sif.

What is your favorite quote?

“Sometimes, the best way to help yourself is to help someone else.” -Uncle Iroh

What is your favorite part about working at Wiggam Law?

“Taxes are a part of everyone’s life and they can be complicated. Wiggam Law takes something common but stressful and helps to provide peace of mind. To be directly part of that relief is hard work, but so rewarding.”