"Jason did a FANTASTIC job of guiding me through the unbelievably complex process of dealing with IRS tax debts. I had tried one of those tax relief firms that advertise on the radio all the time and, basically, got nothing. Jason assured me he could help and for A LOT LESS COST! Please give him a call, especially if you are about to give up on EVER finding real help!" - MM, Tax Client

"I was introduced to Attorney Jason Wiggam at Gomel & Davis attorneys at Law in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Wiggam did outstanding tax work in representation of my tax case before The Internal Revenue Service. upon moving on to The Private Client Law Group, I decide to move my client files to his new location. His Professionalism is second to none. Therefore, if I had to place a grade on The Wiggam Law Firm, I must give the firm a A+ for Honor, Trust, Representation and professionalism. Thanks, Jason keep the fight up! Barry." - BP, Tax Client

"I met Jason for a tax issue, due to bad decision during my immature youth. He was working at a large firm when I met him and he was assigned my case. What my husband and I loved immediately about him, is how kind and reasonable and respectful. he never was unkind or made me feel inferior. he is as well, knowledgeable and precise and an excellent tax lawyer." - JB, Tax Client

"Jason Wiggam helped me with my tax issues after the death of my husband. He was very professional in every way. I could not have asked for a better person to represent me. He is simply the BEST!" - LS, Tax Client

"I regularly refer clients with federal and/or Georgia tax concerns to Jason. All of them are very complimentary of him as a person and a practitioner. I would not hesitate to hire him myself, or to refer anyone in my family to him." - Paul Black, georgia-elderlaw.com

"Jason was masterful in the interactions and negotiations with the IRS. He understands their processes down to the day, knows when and how to push for certain things, and how to get a fair conclusion. In the end, after they said I owed them $38,000, when Jason was finished, I got a $5,000 refund (a $43,000 swing in my favor). Outstanding." - CC, Tax Client

"I hired Jason to help me with the IRS after my ex-husband left me with a huge joint debt from tax years prior to our divorce. Not only is Jason is incredibly knowledgeable on tax laws, he is also well-versed on how to navigate the complicated and frustrating IRS system. First and foremost, he is a genuine pleasure to work with. You will be in fantastic hands if you hire Jason." - RC, Tax Client

"The services that Jason and his staff give is exemplary, They take your situation as if is their own and provide a solution that either eliminates your debt or minimize your debt. For my case, the debt was eliminated. The level of professionalism is unmatched. I would recommend Wiggam Law Firm in a heartbeat." Tax Client

"Jason understands all aspects of tax controversy and can explain it and clarify so a client understands their options. He listens and is communicative, patient, fair and knowledgeable. We had a complex situation and Jason simplified the process and facilitated an excellent outcome. I would wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend The Wiggam Law Firm to anyone needing counsel or representation for a tax issue. We are grateful we were referred to Jason and his team and can now move forward with our lives." Tax Client